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Recently I have re-discovered a framework that is reliable and stable, Gantry 5.

The first time I tried using it I was confused by the names of the components that comprise the framework such as; particles, atoms, etc. One day I had a little time to really take a good look at what this was all about. Basically there is a layout of empty cells that hold particles, which can have Joomla modules or Gantry's  or other 3rd party pre-built assigned to each cell, simple.

Becaue of the flexiblity designed into the framework I was able to reproduce my clients sites almost exactly as they were before. But with a framework that was responsive and fast.

I have not received any alerts from a client reporting that there site looks weird on a phone or table device. So, I have been converting my clients sites over to this framework and have not gotten any delta feedback.

Over the past several years the most difficult issue I find when building a website, or maintaining one, is getting content from the clients.

Since the website is an employee that works 24/7 for the business, it must have the relevant information a visitor needs. After all a website should solve at least one problem for your busness.

Taking over maintenance of another Joomla site can be either very easy or leave you scratching your head.

For instance just today I logged on to the Massachusetts Orthoapedic Association administrative area. Everything was in order and the latest versions of Joomla was installed, great start so far.

The first problem I encountered was every time I would check one of the installed components I would get an error related to the cache_file. Well this is one I never seen before, even after 10 years of maintaining dozens of sites.

Well another design change using a new framework developed by Gantry.

It took about a day to get a fairly good handle on how to configure my current template. Basically I took one of their templates and started infusing my colors and logo. I still have a long way to go to get the site the way I want it.

I've been working on the page load speed on the Tri-County Web site.

My goal is to apply the techniques I have implemented here to the other site I manage. Google and Bing use page speed in factoring in page rankings. So the fast a site loads theoretically it should rank higher. 

It has not been confirmed or denied by any entity that fast loading sites help with ranking. It does help with visitors, especially on mobile devices.

There is a new Google update planned in the not distant future which will take into consideration page speed so lets err on the side of caution and go for a fast loading website.

Please do not hesitate to contact us whenever you have a question!

Question can come up about your current or planned website, we can fine a solution for you.