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I've been working on the page load speed on the Tri-County Web site.

My goal is to apply the techniques I have implemented here to the other site I manage. Google and Bing use page speed in factoring in page rankings. So the fast a site loads theoretically it should rank higher. 

It has not been confirmed or denied by any entity that fast loading sites help with ranking. It does help with visitors, especially on mobile devices.

There is a new Google update planned in the not distant future which will take into consideration page speed so lets err on the side of caution and go for a fast loading website.

Well the time has come to restore a Joomla website. Luckily it was my own site that needed to be restored.

I was able to restore my site from a full backup I took over the weekend. I took less time time than I thought it would and was easier also. The front end of the site was intact, it was the administration side that was broken.

I was asked this last week and immediately replied to my client.

You get:

  • Joomla patching and security updates installed
  • Extension updates with new features and security patches
  • Daily database backup stored in the cloud
  • Weekly full site backup
  • Scans for malware
  • Up-time monitoring

Please do not hesitate to contact us whenever you have a question!

Question can come up about your current or planned website, we can fine a solution for you.