Joomla Web Design

Joomla Web Design

You may be asking what is Joomla? A simple answer is a website framework that can add functionally (blog, gallery, forum, e-commerce etc.) to a website. We have been using Joomla to develop websites for over 5 years and have solved many business needs for my clients.

Take closer look at some of the great features available for a website that are built-in to Joomla's Content Management System.

Standard Features

  • Content Management System
  • Blog
  • User Base Access
  • Polls
  • Contacts
  • Banner Ad Rotators
  • RSS Syndicate
  • RSS News Feeds
  • Web Links
  • Semi-custom Theme

*Base Features are available for every website deployment.

Feature Add-ons

Ask about any of these features you need.

  • Content Comments
  • Business Directory
  • Document Manager
  • E-Commerce
  • Forum
  • Image Gallery
  • Video Gallery
  • Link Glossary
  • Member Profiles
  • Newsletter
  • Search Engine Optimized URLs
  • Google Analytic Integration
  • Custom Designed Theme

If you have a specific website need, that you don't see in our website features list, we also provide custom solutions. Contact us today and we'll work with you in providing everything you need.

Standard Feature Details

Content Management System - The website has a flexible content management system built into it. Quickly and easily create, organize, edit, save and delete content on your site. Many of our clients say making content changes to their site is as easy as using a word processor. But rest assured, training and/or customer service will be provided at any time should you need it.

Blog - Quickly and easily create blog entries on your site, adding quality content when you want.

User Base Access - Control who has access to your content with the platform's secure integrated membership feature. This feature offers a number of layers of access - allowing for you to permit multiple site contributors with a range of accessibility.

Polls - Capture valuable marketing insight from your site's visitors with the polls feature.

Contacts - This easy to use directory allows for managed distribution of vital company contacts on your site.

Banner Ad Rotators - Run your own banner campaigns or run ads for other businesses. The rotator controls and tracks ad cycles on the site.

RSS syndicate - Distribute your latest content through the platform's RSS Syndicate.

RSS News Feeds - Retrieve valuable information from any RSS source and display it on your website.

Web Links - Quickly organize and display web links on the site through this integrated system.

Semi-Custom Theme - Our sites comes with a professionally designed semi-custom theme. Want something unique? We can do that too. Just let us know what you want to see and a designer will work with you to come up with the look you want.

Features Add-on Details

Content Comments - This feature allows your visitors to leave comments and ratings for your content

Business Directory - Rapidly create a business or advertisement directory on your site

Document Manager - Manage and distribute your online documents with this application. Upload documents for your visitors to easily download.

E-Commerce - A mature eStore solution is ideal for any company selling products on the Internet. It offers multiple payment solutions, inventory tracking and more.

Forum - User-based forum allows for the easy operation and management.

Image Gallery - Upload all of your pertinent photos to the gallery in minutes. Create multiple albums for your site visitors to view.

Video Gallery - Effortlessly play your videos from many popular third-party video streaming websites in your site's video gallery.

Link Glossary - The system will automatically create links out of keywords in your site's content. All you have to do is enter the keywords and the web addresses they link to into the dictionary.

Member Profiles - Gives your site members a robust profile page.

Newsletter - Distributing newsletters from your site to your site's visitor has never been easier. This system is simple to use, saving you time and money.

Search Engine Optimized URLs - The SEO feature add-on automatically rewrites your web addresses on the site to be optimal for search engine ranking.

Google Analytic Integration - This feature add-on makes it easy to track your site's traffic with Google Analytics.

Custom Designed Theme - Get a unique website look and feel with a custom, professionally designed theme.

Contact me and let me know your budget and we will work up a design that stays within that budget or let us know your needs and we will quote a firm price to meet your needs.

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