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Are you facing a competitive business environment with a slow and stale web site? How old is your web site? Has it been refreshed recently...or ever? Buying a domain name and putting up a web site is the easy part of being on the Internet. The hard part is keeping your site current, interesting, fast-loading and user-friendly.

That's where we come in, we're Tri-County Web Consulting located in Hebron, CT, specializing in Joomla web design and development solutions for your businesses or organizations. Let us help you with...


Joomla is a website framework that can add functionally (blog, gallery, forum, e-commerce, contact us or custom forms etc.) to a website.


Already have a website running on the Joomla platform? Let Tri-County Web maintain the integrity of your Joomla powered website.


Have your website checked for SEO issues that are hurting your ranking and search engine results.

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Let Tri-County Web Consulting maintain the integrity of your Joomla powered website.
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